Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Josh Ritter and Quilting.

Man. I'm not usually a big music recommendation person, because most of the time, I figure that if people would like the music I listen to, they already know about it. Does that make sense? But every so often something makes me so happy that I just have to gush unapologetically to everyone I know. Josh Ritter. Wow. I mean, maybe everyone already knows and I am the last one on the Rittertrain, but this guy is amazing, and looks like he would be just absolutely incredible live. I've been on YouTube for the past 45 minutes watching live clips, and he's just awesome. Most people stink playing on Letterman, and he's just INCREDIBLE. See, all the gushing? And the fabrication of the word Rittertrain? Yes. I'm that ridiculous person. Sigh. How cool is his band? So cool. Crafts?
Thanks for all the comments on the recent projects, I'm glad to know other people are almost as pleased with myself as I am. (Har.) Also, I think that the next time I quilt something, I will try and video tape it so I can make some sort of time-lapse video showing how little skill and planning goes into it. Seriously, I just kinda move the quilt back and forth in a pretty way, but I'll try to document.


Amy said...

I hear you on the Ritter rant. I'm a fan too. Check out (you can stream live from their wonderful public radio station in my hometown of NYC). I hope you enjoy it. I find it great to sew and quilt and knit and cook and hang-out-around-the-house-avoiding-laundry to.

ps - I can't figure out how to leave my comment and show my address... so here it is:

shani said...

agreed. josh ritter is one of my very favorite musicians, and yes he is totally unbelievably amazing live-- i've seen him twice and it is hard to explain how talented he is. and he's really funny.

MB said...

Hi, just discovered your blog. Your work is great. And I agree, Josh Ritter is amazing.