Friday, March 28, 2008

Seven Things I Think Are Lame

(To make this post more confusing, I've posted pictures of things I really love with text about things I despise. Because who photographs the lame stuff, unless it's really funny?)

One: My complete inability to post on my blog regularly, especially after mentioning something I am planning on posting and including the word "tomorrow". I'll tell you right now, people, "tomorrow" means nothing to me, because I am a bloggy liar. Sad but true.
Two: Bad movie adaptations. Current favorite to complain about? "The Natural," based, or should I say, "based" on the book of the same name by Bernard Malamud. You jerks, you stupid, stupid, jerks, you made a movie that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the book. I hate you for it. If I were a high school English teacher, my entire course would be based on assigning students books to read that had horrible movie adaptations, and then giving them tests that allowed answers that could only be derived from only seeing the film. I would wait till the very end of the course to show them their grades, and Oh, I Would Laugh. This is because I like to see people who don't read suffer. And because I am mean.
Three: Getting my feet wet while wearing shoes, and also, my feet being cold, which they usually are. Enter, my new awesome boots. Do I NEED boots good for -40 degrees F in Kansas City? No, probably not. Does this stop me from wearing them? No, definitely not.
Four: Venetian blinds hanging unevenly. This irks me to no end. Also, piles of things that are not set at 90 degree angles to what they are sitting on. Sad, yes?
Five: People who talk too loudly in restaurants so as to let you know how much fun they're having. Also, people on cell phones in lines who tell crude stories or talk about specific people's flaws in front of strangers. Not only do your friends know you're a jerk, now we do too. Thanks.
Six: Time Warner Cable Customer Service. Enough said. Super super lame. Far worse than lame, really but I don't like to curse in writing.
Seven: Getting my sleeves wet while doing dishes or washing my hands. Getting my sleeves wet at any time really. It makes me crazy. I have to change when it happens.

So, now that I've shared a few of my little annoyances, who else would like to? This is an open invitation to anyone still bothering to read this wretched blog, but in particular, I am going to tag:

Other Rachel
Alicia (who might be too sweet to be annoyed by anything, I'm not sure)


Jacquie said...

I agree on so many levels...I am a blind straightener from way back. Did I remember you collect thermos bottles? If so I saw a neat collection for sale at a funky store on Main Street in KC MO. The store is Illegitimate Design. Great prices, weird, but fun things. You might want to check it out.

Rachel said...

that sleeve thing gets me too. i'll have to think up seven things too.

Dare said...

I like your Plus Quilt. You have a wonderful way with color combinations.

Rachel said...

As the Other Rachel (drat! another name to remember, like another set of security codes) I will have to research what being tagged means, unless someone explains it to a dim it flattering? or a small act of spite? or what? I hate wet sleeves very much; will have to think about the other things and whittle the list down to under 300.....

capello said...

dude. TIME WARNER CABLE. oh my god, they've been HORRIBLE lately. ack.

(they may be on my list, you've been warned.)

and due. the plus quilt. ack. love it!

Alicia A. said...

Oh, honey- I get really annoyed. Maybe you opened a can of worms.

(Time Warner REALLY sucks.)

Amy said...

I am a little afraid of the poisonous rant that would ensue were I to list seven things right now. It wouldn't be pretty. Perhaps I should wait for a better state of mind. :)

And Time Warner? They suck.