Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tote Bag Fever

So seriously, is tote bag fever not the corniest blog title ever? Because I'm pretty sure it is. I am seriously, seriously lame right now, most likely because I have been spending far too much time around making tote bags and singing the WKRP theme song to myself and not interacting with, you know, people. Well, I've interacted with Brian, but we mostly just sing the WKRP theme song together.Since my last post I have produced three more of these giant tote bag, one of wich was sold to my lovely neighbor the day after it was finished and therefor never photographed, and these two, which I made for the etsy store.They're quite a bit of fun to make, and really very soft, the tan fabric is kindof a heavy brushed-feeling cotton, and all the good quilting stuff at the top is very soft... I'm thinking that I will have to make one for myself, even thought I have about four million bags already, and I'm really in love with the faux bois combo one, soo....
Big news around here is the impending move, and therefor the getting rid of some stuff. Stuff like.... this computer! Friday night Brian ordered the new iMac, and we are both terrible excited. I use an iMac at work and love it, its so fast and shiny, not to mention pretty. I've already started to decorate his office in my head, it's going to have a cowboy/paint by numbers theme...if it is allowed. Cross your fingers, I'm shaking with anticipation.

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Tess said...

beautiful bags, lady!!

I am jealous of your to be imac, I want a mac so bad!