Thursday, May 10, 2007

News! Kindof! Maybe! Exclamations!

Ah! I'm really excited because I found out yesterday that a tutorial I posted on Craftster quite a while back has been linked to from the Blog! Woot! If you want to check it out, the mention is here.I should also thank Craftster user Dorion who put the link on the craftster thread to let me know. It's kind of cool to know that other people MIGHT make something that I kinda showed them how to make- now I feel bad about the other tutorial I promised to make for a bag. I'm sure I'll finish it. Someday.
In other semi-exciting news, well, only exiting if you're me, really, I scored some pretty sweet thrift store finds this Sunday. Some great polyester flowers, and nice cotton heavyweight stuff too. The only downside to buying so much fabric is all the ironing that accompanies it. I've already done plenty lately.

Tomorrow night at work is the big Fish Fry, you may remember my beerfish invites? Well, in honor of the festivities, I am going to make fish-frying aprons for all of us fish-frying folk (ie, the people who work there, ie, David and Paula and I) out of these adorable dish-clothes I got at a local gardening store. Pictures forthcoming, I (almost) promise.
On a somewhat sad but also very happy note, this is the last blog entry I will write on the PC. We got out iMac in the mail today. Here it is, in all it's boxed glory.
I spruced it up a bit for B when he comes home. You've been a serviceable, if slow, friend, PC, and we will miss you, but not that much. Yay for Macs!


Tess said...

Congrats on the write up on Craft!! Go girl! And good thrift finds, and congrats on the new mac!!

Good luck with your fish fry, the party is going to be as rad as those invites :)

Jen said...

Great thrift store finds! I love a good thrift - even more so when you score something great.