Monday, February 12, 2007

Somewhat productive sunday and retail love.

Yesterday was a fairly productive day, Kansas City was pretty gray but not nearly as cold as it has been, and everything just seemed to fall together perfectly. Husband and I stayed home in the morning and watched HGTV real-estate programming, and then in the afternoon our neighbor came over to burn a CD of Brazilian music on our computer. It was was lazy and meandering and fun, and I managed to finish sewing the patchwork tote bag I started last week (see below), as well as laying out the squares for the baby blanket I'm making (see above).

Last night we went to a new church that both B and I are REALLY excited about- we gushed all the way home, which wasn't a short drive, as we tend to get lost whenever we cross the Kansas/Missouri border. Oh, Kansas, you are a treacherous, treacherous state.

Tonight was far less productive, but we did manage to get out to Target, because I was dying to get my hands on some of the new Proenza Schouler GO line. I purchased a couple of shirts and held out on a pretty good dress, because I seem to have noticed that while I love to buy dresses, the very seldom ever get worn... there's a special section of my closet where they go to stylishly languish.
All right, I'm getting ridiculous. Enough for now.


Abby said...

Oh, and I weep also with love for this quilt. Or quilt top. Or pre-quit. or..yeah.




Jami said...

Oh Lauren - you're so nice not to have said, "my neighbor came over and spent the ENTIRE afternoon at our house...we couldn't get her to leave...!" Your blog is AH-dorable! :-) xo, Jami