Friday, February 16, 2007

Pincushion Love

So today, interesting photo shoot at work, and a minor blizzard in Kansas City, but I want to write about pincushions. Oh, pincushions. in the course of about a week I made six or so of these nice little things, to sell at a craft auction at B's parents church. They were so cute while they lived here, sitting huddled up on a plate on the ironing board, and now they have gone, and some mysterious force has sapped me of the will to make more.
Why? I don't know. My personal pincushion is the Wal-Mart tomato variety and once fell in bleach, giving it a nasty two-tone look, and so I am in desperate need of an upgrade. Maybe tomorrow. For now, I will just dwell on the dearly departed.

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