Thursday, July 25, 2013

Buy Uno! Get Uno! Freeeeeeeeee!

I'mma be brief, but I wanted to tootle my "sale" horn and let you know that from now until August 8th, all prints in my etsy shop are buy one get one freesies. So, Now Is The Time, or something like that. Make your walls not-as-naked? That's the new name of the sale, the Anti-Wall Nudity Act of 2013. BAM!
Here's how I'm working it: just tell me what you would like for your free print in the "notes" section when checking out, and you will receive it (in the same size) with your purchased print. This includes the custom ASL prints-- choose either a duplicate print of your custom print, or any other print in the shop.
Also, I've added a new addition to the Woodgrain Herringbone family, a spiffy graphic black and white cousin, for the tone-on-tones to play with.

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