Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Woodgrain Herringbone, BAM.

I'm having a mildly triumphant day today-- I discovered that if I tip my computer screen upwards a bit, I don't have to squinch my neck up to look at it, which is AMAZING, because I am all sorts of sore because of squinching. That's a technical term. Look it up. (Don't.)

And, even greater than my potential squinching-remedy, is that I finally have my newest favorite fabric design ready for show and tell and up on etsy!
So, at some point this winter, I became mildly obsessed with carving eraser stamps. I carved a jillion of them, but some of my favorites were these really simple ones with a doodly faux bois pattern in them-- they were fun and graphic and a lot of fun to stamp in different patterns. So I scanned 'em in, vectored 'em up, and made me some woody fabric goodness.
And, HERRINGBONE! It is fun to SAY and fun to MAKE and fun (I think?) to SEW with! I stuck with simple tone-on-tone color pairings, because I am a sissy, but I am thinking about doing some versions with a white background... Thoughts?
H'Anyways. You're about to get fabric-photobombed. I'd apologize, but you're probably used to it by now. I'm sorry.
Sky Blue
and of course, the "Taste the Rainbow" seven pack.  But watch out for splinters! When you taste it! Get it?!? Hyuk! (Ugh, I am SORRY. Being mildly triumphant makes me AWFUL.)
Also, after being curious for MANY moons about the Magical Unicorn they call Aurifil, I bought a spool from my friend Elizabeth's wonderful new etsy shop, Cucire (KCMQG, Woot Woot!), and I have to say, unsurprisingly, that I'm a fan. It's excellent for both sewing with and use as a photo prop... BONUS. 


Jenny said...


Shea said...

This is sooooo cool! Definitely ordering some!!

Lori said...

Oh wow I love these!!

Auntie Pami said...

Very nice, great texture, keep carving

Anonymous said...

nice! you should totally make a black on white version :)

Michelle said...

These are fantastic. Who do you get your fabric through?