Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Uncommon, Tote Bags, My House Is Messy.

I finally ordered a case for my iPhone, after having a nightmare in which I dropped it and everyone gave me the "you-are-unbelievably-stupid" look and I WOKE UP TERRIFIED. Mostly of getting that look, and knowing it was 1000% justified. Thanks, dream friends. Anyway, I ordered my case from www.getuncommon.com, and it is beautiful. You will spend exactly what you would spend on an ugly case at Target, but instead you will get a Thing Of Beauty! You can also design your own, using the art available on the site or YOUR OWN PHOTOS, which I would have done, except I am lazy and indecisive. But I love the one I ended up getting, and the shipping was super-fast and if you google getuncommon coupon, you will find a code for 20% off, but I forgot it. Happy happy materialism. Note that I'm sporting my current favorite app, UYH, where you write lists using your own finger-handwriting. I love lists and am a handwriting narcissist, so it is IDEAL. Ok, enough iPhone talk, I am disgusting even myself. I have finally listed a bunch of the tote bags I made for craft shows, so, uhm, there they are. Marketing marketing marketing? I stink at this. Anyways, you need a tote bag? You knows where to find me.
I really need to clean. Like, I am not even worried about sweeping and scrubbing, I just need to do something about the PILES. I was thinking yesterday about how I dream of lovely interiors, but I always imagine that I cannot create them where we live now. Which, is just not true. We are lucky to have a pretty awesome apartment in a pretty awesome house, and the only thing holding me back from interior bliss is the fact that I am a crappy housekeeper. So, I am RESOLVING, to finally take the six bags of Goodwill stuff to Goodwill! To finish shredding the giant bag of to-be-shreddeds! To create a working mail system! To remember to take out the recycling so we no loger have four bags of it in the office! To maybe, even, throw some stuff away? You are my witnesses, so WITNESS! And, the kitties were meant to serve as a friendly reminder- do the laundry before the kitties drown in it. It's a good thing cats have multiple lives, friends.


rachel said...

Yeah, yeah.... heard it all before... regularly... in my own house. What you need is a visitor, a picky, fussy, house-proud visitor of whom you are slightly scared, (e.g. an elderly aunt, or an in-law) and who is coming to stay at fairly short notice - not so short that you hide everything in the car, but giving enough notice for you to rush about and actually get those things done.

Alternatively, you can just relax and embrace your inner slob. Although that requires a iron will that can ignore the insistent naggings of a guilty conscience.

From One Who Knows......

Jessica said...

handwriting narcissist = your handwritten spoonflower fabric? just an idea..