Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Spewing of Much Information!

The amount of awesome stuff I have to blog about is inversely proportional to the ease with which I blog. Got it? That is my excuse for not being here more often, and I am sticking to it. Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild! Amayyyyyyy-zink. Seriously, I have to do bullet points, or I will never remember all the stuff I want to say.

-KC Modern Quilt Guild had its organizational meeting three-ish weeks ago? And it was awesome. Not only are the people organizing it really great, but a million people showed up. Or, you know like 35. But EVEN MORE have joined the ning group, and so maybe more will be at the next meeting? Which is fabulous, and also overwhelming, because, where will everybody sit?

-One of the folks organizing the whole shebang is Jen, aka, Tula Pink. You know. LIKE THE FABRIC DESIGNER?!? And she said she liked my fabrics, and I swooned into her arms (or, well, not that,) but long story short, I HAVE MADE HER BE MY FRIEND. And it is awesome. I could go on and on about this, but I don't want her to think I am a huge dork if she reads this. Well, she knows I am a huge dork, but I am going to try and retain some dignity.


-Google Chrome is kicking Safari's lame butt all over town. And, Firefox, I would have stuck with you, if you hadn't decided to SHUT DOWN every five minutes. Thank you, google, for being the one thing in the world I can always count on. (Well, not the only thing. But top three, most defs.)

-We got iPhones. The rest of the world does not feel the earth-shaking impact of this on our lives, and we are confused. iPhones are straight crack. For real. iPhone flickr is so much more dangerous than regular flickr. HOURS. HOOOOOOOUURS. (I love drawing out words that lose all phonetic sense when the letters are doubled. Ha.)-I bought some fabric. THE BEST fabric. New Anna Maria Horner voile, and LIBERTY fabric. A YARD. Of LIBERTY. And 20% off. What will I do with it? Rub my face up against it for the next 60 years until it eventually turns to dust. Good plan? I got it at Bon Bon Atelier, if you are in the KCMO. Check it out.

-I did my third craft show this weekend, and it was LAAAAME. I "made" $12, and by "made", I mean "lost $40". It was a learning experience? Or something?

-I am doing another show THIS WEEKEND, so if you are in KC, come down to the Westport Flea Market on Saturday. I will be there, hopefully not looking at flickr on my phone. But no promises. Other people that I know and are cool will be there, too, so it is worth the trip.

-I have been stalking houses on the internet, and it has put my decorating hormones into overdrive. I cannot look at a room now without spending five minutes thinking about the color I would paint it. Usually it is dark gray, light gray, white, or green. I am creature of habit. Oh! Or maybe dark blue.

-APPARENTLY, not only do you have to make your designs public and for sale on Spoonflower, but you have to make your profile public, as well? This, to me, makes no sense, and I am still irked by it. I didna mean to put a useless link up, my friends! 'Tis nonsense! If you still want lovebirdie fabric, if you ever did, go HERE. For real, this time.

-I made shrinky dinks of some of the birdies, and it was super fun. I love shrinky dinks. ALSO, discovered that not everyone knows what shrinky dinks are, so if you do not, LOOK IT UP! It is the most fun you will have... all day?
Thas it. Love you.


r0ssie said...

I life without shrinky dinks is like a life without Tula Pinks.

In dorkiness,

Artsy Momma said...

I always love your catch-up posts!!! Not knowing what shrinky dinks are is just un-american. Seriously ;)

Stephanie said...

Lauren! I have questions for you, my friend! We're just starting a WV Modern Quilt Guild and are trying to organize our first meeting. Can I email you?!?

Lauren said...

Oh, yes, Stephanie, email me! Although, I will refer you to people who know much more about it than I do... But I DO have something I think you will be interested in.

rachel said...

The really kind thing you do, Lauren, for those, who like me, can't bear anything that involves sewing (yes, I've said it now, 2 years after spending my retirement gift on a snazzy sewing machine that along with my fevered imaginings of Making Things with it, has gathered dust ever since!) is to post gorgeous photos, especially of your animals. And your amazingly clean floors - how do you manage that??

mjb said...

I want a friend as cool as you or Tula Pink to hang out with. And to live in a place big enough for there to be other modern quilters. That is all.

Fulvia said...

I so relate to your very first sentence in this post!

Cryptic Curmudgeon...

Joanna said...

My Modern Quilt Guild meeting hosted none other than the owner of Spoonflower and the creator of Carolina Patchworks. I could hardly pick my jaw up off the floor. I'm a beginning crafy not worthy...but SO PSYCHED!

P.S. I <3 shrinky dinks too!

polkadot papoose said...

Ok, Lauren you're the cutest thing in the world. I've been eyeing that new Anna Maria fabric, but have refrained. I need a quilt lesson because I obviously have no idea what I'm doing! I was so glad to hang out with you this weekend :)