Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Get Some For Cheap.

You want some fabric? Well, all of mine will be $1 off Black Friday through Cyber Monday. The fabric packs will also be $1 off per piece of fabric, which means you will save even MORE moo-lah because the packs are already discounted. I will show you, with my mad math skills:

1 FQ = $8 ($7 on sale! Whooo!)
4 FQ Pack = $30 ($2 less than 4 individual pieces already) $26 on sale!

So, since unfortunately not everyone can win the charm pack (Though Oh My Godness I wish you all could, because the limericks are AMAZING and my favorite thing to read, ever. You guys are disgustingly awesome) anyway, since you can't all win, if you have your eye on any of the "Flock" or Bicycle fabrics, now is the time!
Now is the time is such an incredibly cheesy thing to say! I would be a TERRIBLE copywriter! Which, ok, totally unrelated story, yesterday I went to the doctor and told him about my hand going numb when I'm using the computer and he's all, I have this AMAZING thing for you to try, everyone loves it, and my nurse will bring it in! And she does, and seriouly, I cannot stop laughing at the thing. Because it is RIDICULOUS. It is a giant pillow that you put on your arm, essentially. And it is called a Pil-O-Splint, because it was apparently named in 1951. If I hadn't had the awesome nurse who knows me, she would have thought I was INSANE because I was laughing so hard at the thing. It gives you a PILLOW ARM! It is HILARITY! Anyway, I think where I was going is, I am bad at being serious, and also writing anything that is not completely stream of consciousness. I am like a really stupid and sober Jack Kerouac, but not at all. ANYWAY.
Also, all my bags are 10% off, and I am putting up a whole heap of new ones made in the "Flock" fabrics, and a stray Tree Tote or two. $22 - $2.20 = Somewhat less than $20. I'm not going to get more exact than that people, YOU have calculators.
I am doing this sale as part of the 2009 KCEtsy Sale, "Handmade for the Holidays", which you can read more about here. There are a TON of awesome local etsy sellers participating, so you should definitely check it out, because do you really want to give your mother-in-law Isotoner gloves again? You can search for the tag kcetsysale09 on etsy, or check the team blog for individual sellers sales. (Holla to my girl, Lori of ditda, who is working on a project with me, and is selling all her already really reasonable stuff for 20% off!) So, CONSUMERISM! Onward! And keep writing limericks! I love you! Goodnight!

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