Saturday, November 14, 2009

Catch Up, The Factory, Caves.

So this is going to be one of those posts where I try and say all of the things I have been meaning to write, and will forget 2/3 of them. I guess the best plan is to just start typing them before they float out of my sieve of a brain, as things tend to do.
We were in Arkansas, and we went to a cave! I have always wanted to go in a cave, and this was my first one, and according to all experienced cave tourists, it is a pretty unimpressive one, but I loved it because it was all ROCKY and UNDERGROUND! Which is my only cave criteria, really.Also, I have been sewing like a crazy person because I signed up for my first craft show, and because I am a super awesome (Ha.) I signed up TWO WEEKS before said show, which, according to everything I have read and been told, is Not Enough Time and Decidedly Not Smart. In case you haven't noticed, though, Not Smart is kindof the way I roll. That and Let's Just Wing It. That is in face my middle name: Lauren Kaye Brooks Spencer Let's Just Wing It Hunt. Just falls off the tongue right?
So, sewing, a lot. In the past four days I have made 37 tote bags. And, as always, as soon as I have one Very Important Task to do, a MILLION other things suddenly pop int my head that insist they also Must Be Done Now. Like, I finally realized how I want to rearrange the office, and the craft area upstairs, and what pillows I want to make for the couch. Oh, and I have in my head the exact desk that I want for the office, and nevermind the fact that likely this desk does not exist. Are you tired of reading this yet? Because this is what has been going on inside my head for the last week and a half or so, and fun fun fun it has been.
Oh, and I have started to calling myself "The Factory" and talking in third person all time time. The factory is angry at the sewing machine. The factory's fingers are sore. The factory REALLY NEEDS to get a QT iced tea. I'm sure this is not annoying at all.
Oh, and I have decided to start tweeting (again). I say again because I had a twitter account as "myself" (Lauren, who is oddly slightly different than the person who writes this blog, I don't know why,) but I only tweeted, like, twice. However, I think if I do it as Blog Alter Ego, I will probably do it more often, because how much more ridiculous can I be in short form than I already am in long form? Also, soonish I will get an internet-type phone, which I think will make me a better person. Or perhaps just far more communicative, which I am not actually sure translates to better at all, in my case. (SO! if you need some more of THIS solid gold. Don't all rush up at once.)Oh! And I got STICKERS! SO MANY STICKERS! I'm gonna sticker the heck out of...something?
There were supposed to be cave pictures in this post, but I am currently too lazy to go get the camera to download the photos and process the raw files and edit in photoshop, and I think I am already Asleep. We'll talk soon though?


mama turtle said...

good luck! Whenever I decide that I have to hustle the kids loose it. And then I am up till the wee hours sewing, no sleep and very very miserable. I kinda feel that way with the holidays rushing at me! Have a good craft fair, and the stickers look great. Happy stickering!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

37 Tote bags !! So when you close your eyes what do you see ? Endless dancing squares , perhaps !
Please take a photo of your stall , when you've set it up ( and before it's stripped bare , so don't leave it too long ! )
It's a little too far for me to drop by , unfortunately . But I wish you luck and I hope you have a lot of fun !
Lovely stickers , by the way . Very busnesslike altogether .

Amy said...

Your post made me smile - thanks.

rachel said...

Phew, that was exhausting to read! Lauren, you need a wonderful thing called a Factory Hooter. When it goes off, you stop, down tools, get a cup of tea and a biscuit (cookie) and sit down with the paper, a cat and a dog for half an hour.....

Lisa said...

My brain thinks like yours. I can't imagine 37 totebags in 4 days though, I might want to sleep on occasion.

Love the stickers, badly want some of my own now.

julie green said...

loving the stickers. keep meaning to order some of my own. maybe today?

enh, let's be honest. probably not today, either. but if you tell me where you got yours i'll be one step closer to ordering mine! : )

sarah said...

i saw that you were going to be at the event tonight. i wish i could go, but alas, my scholarly duties call (aka i have class. lame.) good luck with it all. i'm sure things will go great.

suzanne said...

just found you via papern'stitch - love your fabric designs. just favorited (is that a word?)your etsy shop so i can shop once i need a new stash! wonderful stickers, may i ask where you have them printed? they look great. ciao!