Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Slow Progress

After a (cough) rather long hiatus, the Big Stair quilt is almost finished. You know, if you don't count the fact that it still has to be bound. Which I'm not counting. I should be working on it, but this afternoon is so beautiful and rainy and delightfully chilly that I have busied myself in the warm office, updating ye olde etsy storefront. For no reason really, other than the current one was meant to be temporary when put into action, Oh, a year ago. Whatever. I can feel fall coming, and to wecome it, I am going to make Special Rice Crispie Treats. Recipe tommorow.
(By the way, not Special like, illegal special. It's not that kind of blog.)


Sarah said...

How did you get that picture taken from so high up? I love your floors too...not to mention your quilt!

Deana said...

ooh special rice krispies - ours contain peanut butter / peanuts and M&M's. Heavenly. No store bought rice krispies for me!
*Love the blog by the way!

amy h said...

Ooh, good timing -- I was just wanting to make rice krispie treats!