Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Less Interesting.

Thanks for the quilt love, everybody. I did not design it, it was actually the first quilt I have ever done from a pattern, and I really enjoyed it. I forget who wrote it, but I'm sure it can be googled. I think I will make a few more of these, as it was fast (relatively, of course) and I know lots of people who are having babies in the near future. Also, I forgot to mention that all those photographs were pre-washing, so I will probably post photos again of the quilt in its more bunchy-quilty permanent state.
In other news, I got new shoes.Ok, so maybe "news" is too strong a word to use for the acquisition of shoes. But seriously, plaid Pumas. So good.And, a bunch of WONDERFUL linen from Namolio on etsy. If you haven't checked her shop out, you really should, she's an amazing seller and I LOOOVE everything she sent me, which was more than I bargained for.Really, these photos don't do this stuff justice at all. It's great. And as soon as I have gotten over my quilt-hangover I'll start using it, I promise.


Kimberly said...

Your quilt & shoes are fabulous. Thanks for the Namolio tip, great stuff!

Lyn Spataro said...

Found your blog and love your creations. Thanks for sharing. You've inspired me to try my hand at quilting again...which I put off after a not-so-fun project.