Monday, August 6, 2007

So, one of my favorite things from getting back from a road trip is sitting down and unpacking all the wonderful, kitschy, all-american-road-junk you picked up along the way. I would like to say that most of it is to give away, but I am afraid the most sizeable chunk of it is for husband and I to keep. And if it's staying in my house, the LEAST I can do is SHOW it to you, right? So, I now present, in no particular order, The Top Ten Souvenirs of Summer Roadtrip, 2007.Mug, from the Sun Records store in Nashville. We found that Nashville had the market cornered on cheesy country music schlock, but the Sun Records stuff was just really well designed and executed, mostly because they have been using the same great logo since, well, Elvis.Also from Nashville, some Hatch Show Print cards we picked up at the HSP Store. I had looked through the book they published of their show posters before, but it was kind of an accident that we ended up seeing the place. It really is an amazing print shop, and they have a ton of really reasonable prints, but it gets pretty crowded in the shop and so I ended up just picking up these little things.Oh fish can cozy, how I love thee.These are a gft for one of my husband's sideburn-less friends.Have I mentioned my love of patches?And B's love of Cowboy Kitsch?What number am I at? This violin is a LIGHTER! Do we smoke? No. Is it so awesome we bought it anyway? Yes.
Action Figures from the movie Rocky II. Strange? No, Peculiar. I think our new favorite place in the world is the Peculiar, Missouri "Flying J" gas station, where we picked up one of the Rocky II action figures on the first day of our trip. After agonizing over the ones he hadn't purchased for an entire week, we went back through the gas station on the last day of our trip, and found the next souvenir, definately the strangest, and one of my personal favorites... The giant foam tigerhead. It really is an incredible likeness of a tiger-head, for one bought at a gas station. They had a lion too, and now I am kind of kicking myself not for picking it up as well. I don't know if you can tell, but it is really pretty huge, and has proved rather intimidating to Baxter.Really, it kind of scares me too. Did I say top ten? I am a liar. This is Rufus T. Firefly the Horse, my new keychain.And of course, a crocodile can cozy, too. We're developing quite a collection of these. The authentic Arkansas wine there was a gift for some friends, tragically, it was not destined to sit in the cozy.And did I mention...THE FABRIC???? I'll save this for tommorow, but just know, that if it were possible, I'd be jealous of myself. Two words: Paducah, Kentucky.


Ian said...

Oh how we'd cry for Firefly, if Firefly should die.

I'm takin that sun mug.. or gettin my own.. I swear it.

Chara Michele said...

Um I will be jealous of you! How's that? That fabric pile looks awfully good! :)

Loving some of the other finds, especially the tiger head! :)

Stephanie said...

The sideburns are AWESOME!

Amy said...

I was in KY but not close enough to Paducah :( the kitsch!