Sunday, August 5, 2007


We're back from vacation, Thank you all for your well-wishes on the anniversary and everything, we had a GREAT week "away from it all". Tomorrow I will show you all of the wonderful things we found on our trip, but tonight I'm just too tired, and there is something far more important: The cat's made-up 2nd birthday.Oh, Baxter, we don't know exactly when you were born or where you came from, we just know that ever since we first saw you, running away from the people at the Old Navy and hiding in a Target drainpipe, you have had our hearts. We love the way you lick us to wake us up in the morning, how you (miraculously) come when called, how you dip your paws in our bathwater, and knock EVERYTHING off the table. Ok, well, maybe we don't quite love ALL of that stuff, but we find it somewhat endearing. And so, on this random day that we usually do in mid- to late- summer, Happy Birthday. Enjoy your sliced turkey and catnip, and try not to stay up all night.

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Chara Michele said...

Aww, so sweet! Happy Birthday Baxter! :) He is such a cutie, and how neat that you rescued him.