Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring! and Guild! and Rainbows! and Embroidery!

SPRING. It's been here for a while, but it's been playing sneaky-hidey in Kansas City. Today, though, is LOVELY and the sky is BLUE and the sun is YELLOW and my thoughts, they are ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Ok, I had soooo much fun speaking at KC Modern Quilt Guild-- which is not surprising if you know me, because what is there that I love more than talking about myself? Ha. (It's funny in that half-joke/half true confession sort of way. Sigh.) But I enjoyed it, and I hope that the people who were there (the ones not my immediate family), enjoyed it as well. I only forgot what I was saying a few times, I think? Which is far less than in any un-rehearsed conversation I've ever had.

Anyway, I shared some newsies at guild that will be appearing here shortly, but I'm waiting on a few things from the postman; and some details take far more time to type than to talk about-- especially when you type as slowly as I do. But they are Good Newsies, and I am excited!
Along with tossing back vitamin D chewies like they're candy (which, they practically are), I have been soothing my sunshine-deficient eyeballs with this glorious thing... The Legendary Cosmo Floss Color Card. I know, I know, the Kona color card is the one that usually gets all the love, but, trust me, this one is SHINIER and FANCIER and has JAPANESE all over it. I'm in love with it, which is good, because it turns out, I am in love with embroidery.
How did I go so long without realizing it? Seriously? Embroidery is DRAWING with SHINY RAINBOWS on FABRIC, how did I NOT realize how incredible that is? I'm still working on my first project, which I've nicknamed the Shaky Shoddy Sampler, which I have vowed to make myself finish before I start busting into the gorgeous little stash of Cosmo floss from Lecien that I've been hoarding. (More on this later. I'm also enamored with a charming tiny Japanese woman. [Which, as a child, is what I wanted to be when I grew up. Sorry, child-self-with-limited-understanding-of-genetics, I have failed you.])
Do you guys know the feeling when you have delicious supplies for a project that you haven't started yet, and your whole body is like, quivering with anticipation and your chest feels tight like it just wants to hug all the pretty colors but it can't, and it's like your Very Soul is being forced to hold it like it's waiting in line at a movie theater restroom after a 3-hour film? Yeah.

Is that a real feeling? Or do I need to see a doctor?


jan said...

I know the power of waiting floss. It is stronger even than a new box of crayons (the 64 count box...)

ksrunt said...

I wanted to grow up to be a tall, svelte, beautiful dark skinned woman. I have red hair, skins that glows white and lots of freckles...

librariane said...

Completely understand the uncontainable feeling, especially when it's compounded with loss of mojo... but I discovered that sometimes you can force the project, just so you can play with the new things!