Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Feet Don't Fail Me Now!

So, you know when people find awesome stuff at estate sales/thrift stores/garage sales, and they tell you about it, and they're very apologetic that it wasn't you but also kinda smug because it WAS them? I hate that. And now I'm going to do it. Soooooreeeeeeeeeeeey.

I don't go to a lot of estate sales, because I am both poor and lazy and hate to leave the house. Hermit! But I do like to cruise craigslist for good ones, and my favorite search terms are vintage, fabric, and Bernina. So when a listing pops up with all of these delightful terms, and happens to be conveniently located and scheduled, I just can't keep myself away. This sale had all of these things, and so not only did I drag my lazy-poor-hermit self out of the house, but I showed up at the sale WHEN IT OPENED, and WAITED IN LINE and ALMOST DIED FROM THE MOBBING. That last one might be an exaggeration, but I did get jostled by some potentially unsavory characters and experienced a marked rise in my blood pressure. So.
And it was rewarded, but not how I expected. I was anticipating mad stacks of vintage fabrics, and hoping to find a decently priced a sewing machine for a friend of mine. Thumbs down for both of those, but perusing the button/notions/junk table, I found a small tin box full of SOLID GOLD. And by that, I mean brand new, in-box, old style Bernina sewing machine feet. $5 each. And a ruffler. $15. WHAT.
For the gathering! (Not the Magic kind.)
And I had been wanting a #38 for a while, (since Jaime discussed different feet on her blog last August), but the others were not feet that I would have really thought much about. But, dude. When you put on a new foot, it's kinda like, oooh, what does it doooo? And then, when it does the thing that it's made to do, it changes to Looookie!! Look what I can DOOOO!! And a mazillion new projects pop into your head, because think of how much EASIER they will be now, and how AMAZING they would look with pintucks or ruffles or piping! It's intoxicating, the new-foot-feeling-of power. 

For the pintucking!
Oh! The ruffling!
If you had asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted a ruffler, I would have said, Eh. And I almost didn't buy it, because I am not the ruffle type. But I did, because I knew it was a good deal, and who knows? It turns out, I LOVE RUFFLES. I am a ruffle-holic. I want to ruffle everything. It is tricky to put on, and it makes a horrible sound, and it is really quite menacing when it's doin' it's thang-- but it makes these amazing, tiny, perfect ruffles. I could make them all day long. I'm open to suggestions of things to make that consist almost entirely of ruffles.
For making the piping!
For the free-motioning!
And, ok, the open-toed free motion foot? Incredible. If you do free motion, and you have a closed-toe foot, try one of these things. I have never been very good at free motion, but I spent an hour just practicing on the night I first tried it. And the quarter-inch foot! Ack! I knew they weren't perfect, but never realized EXACTLY how NOT quarter-inch my seams were until now. They were VERY NOT.  Which, whatever, but now, they ARE (ish).
Also, there were little scissors and tweezers and some vaguely surgical-looking things that I don't know the names of, taped together in bundles of $3 and $4. I can pull so many tiny things through so many tiny spaces now, you don't even know.
I picked up a few more goodies, but they'll have to wait for later posts. This post has already reached blogger's gloating-limit. Leave your own awesome-thrift-find story in the comments, and I promise to feel jealous and secretly resent you when I read it.


Holly said...

Congrats on the amazing find! I'm happy for you and your new-found love of ruffling.

I love reading your posts, they always make me smile! I don't have a real thrift find to share, but I did come across a yard of FMF pink seeds for regular price back before the re-release. I was so excited!

CitricSugar said...

Score! You gotta love it when something leaps at you like that. Also, totally okay to brag - I have a Janome. :-)

Your description of the ruffler and your new passion for ruffling made me laugh out loud.

Lisa A said...

The vaguely surgical looking things appear to be hemostats. Great quilting tools.

felicity said...

You can handle all of the small things now! I'm with Holly - I love your posts. Also: being a hermit. Def. on board with that.

The ruffler is going to appear in my nightmares tonight, though. YIKES.

Kat said...

Nice score! What you have there as far as surgical instruments are a suture scissor, a Potts-Smith scissor, then three tissue forceps. The two with the stubby, wide bodies are Adsons. The one with the angle to it I don't know the name but it is used on eye cases. If the clamps are about 5" then they are definitely hemostats (good answer Lisa!). If they are smaller, they are what we call mosquitos; bigger than they are peons. The Potts-Smith's are a vascular scissor. They are for making an opening down the length of a vessel once a tiny insicion is made into it.

Caitlin said...

I freaking love reading your blog. You are so damn funny. I love that I can actually hear you in your writing (helps that I know you in real life, lol), makes it so much more interesting/enjoyable. Awesome finds!! Can't wait to see your new ruffle-y show and tells!!!

Beth said...

Tell me more about the 1/4 inch foot!!!!

Patchwork Architect said...

Amazing haul!!! I have found some great deals at estate sales, but not the Bernina bundle you did...super jealous....but oh so happy for you!

rachel said...

Just catching up with you....

Lovely haul, but now you have to show us what you've been making with these little treasures!

H2Ogirl said...

So not fair. . but awesome! If any of them don't work. . just send them my way ;)

Elizabeth said...

Now that I am halfway through my Bernina Mastery class, I can be appropriately jealous of you new feet. Especially your ruffler. I never thought I was a girly-girl or would ever sew a ruffle but now I have Leah and I want to sew dozens of ruffles on every single thing I make her. Major score Lauren!