Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Promise, I'm Doin' Stuff.

Craft room, anyone? Well, all has been quiet on the blog front, but around here there is a steady hum of activity. Right now I am working on finishing up a few things, including the 2011 Overdue Book Calendar and some other new projects I have been working on for the Etsy shop. Sneak peek? Don't mind if you do.The Ric Rac Roundup was AMAZING, it was a beautiful (if very hot) day, and I met a bunch of new people, and saw a lot of friends! It was really the best craft show experience I have ever had, which is saying a lot because I have really enjoyed some of the craft shows I have participated in. Right as we were beginning to pack up, though, it TOTALLY monsooned, and everything I had except for the merchandise got soaked! Everyone was running around like crazy, and we were all drenched, and Betsy and her boyfriend were sweet enough to help me pack up supa-fast-style and let me keep my sopping canopy at the store for the night. But even with the torrential downpour, it was such a great day! Thanks to everyone who came out, you're the best!I did something a little bit unusual this weekend, and whipped out a tote bag just for me. I buy SO much fabric, and then I never use it on projects for myself because, well, it feels so indulgent to make a tote just for little old me. This was such a fun and simple bag to make though, the fabric is from Lizzy House's Castle Peeps line, (which I LOOOOOOVE) and the whole thing took just 35 minutes to pop together. (I know the exact time because I did it while baking macaroni and cheese. Multi-tasking, boo-yeah.) If I were a little bit more ambitious, I would have made some cute covered buttons with the coordinating peeps fabric to sew on... maybe I'll have another macaroni-bake time sometime soon?
And a tutorial for the VIntage Sheet Shopper is coming, but my scanning elves have been sleeping on the job, so not quite ready yet. Lazy scanning elves, don't you know how badly the Sexy Asian Lady Bots (SALB's from here on out) want that tutorial. Also, how do I get rid of my SALB's? Anyone know? And there was also a ManBot named CEDRIC McCLOUD, of all things, who also turned out to be a SALB. I do not know what to do, people, I am drowning in their internet seduction-spamming!


Kate said...

Oh how I would love to roll around in your fabric stash. I'll take one of everything thankyouverymuch. You have my address....mmmkay? That'd be great, thaaaannnnks.

Anonymous said...

Those letters are making me veeeeerrry curious. Yes indeed. Very, very curious.

You have no idea how much time I just spent trying to figure out if one of those would be of particular interest to me. *winky, winky* :)

rachel said...

Don't know - you have googlemail, you have word verification - do you have a Mac? All three helped with infuriating spam, but the Mac worked best.

Great fabric. Where's the cat? You know we need to see the cat too.

Bonnie said...

I love the bag you made for yourself! Geez, all the work you do for your craft definately deserve it!!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Love your bag . 25 minutes for you , 25 hours for me , I fear !
As for strange square-lettered risquè comments ? I just bin..... but they don't take the hint , unfortunately .