Monday, April 19, 2010

Thank you all so much for your kind comments on the house. I am trying not to go crazy thinking of all the things I can't wait to get in there and change, but it is harrrd. Especially when I have been hitting up flickr for some much interior design inspiration. SO, in the meantime, I have gotten myself a little project (like I need another one) to hone my decorating and paint selection skillz. I won't be keeping it, it is to be a gift for a delightful little girl, but I am SO excited to play around with it! It was a $15 craigslist score, and exactly what I had in mind, simple and sturdy. Are there any experienced dollhouse-folks out there? Any suggestions on making something like this tough enough to withstand a two-year-old? I'm really not sure if two is old enough to really get into this sort of thing, but then again, knowing me, there is the possibility that I won't get it finished until she is five.Another thing I am super excited about is Katie's Vintage Sheet Swap. I have been combing the local thrift shops for new and exciting finds, and cannot WAIT to see what I get in the swap. Pictured are a few of my recent sheet purchases in front of our newest poster acquisition, "Robot Stealing Swimsuit Lady". Or that's what it is called in my head, anyway. Nice, eh?
If you are the sort of person who actually GOES to blogs instead of feed-readering them you already know this, but I spiffed up my blogger page a bit. It had been driving me CRAZY for quite a while, but hadn't been something I had gotten around to until today. Also, I finally began to put some schtuff up on the Aunt June facebook page, so, be my friend? If you wanna?
And, on the list of thing I am trying to ignore...And for no good reason:


Andrea said...

Oh yeah - I'm in on Katie's vintage sheet swap too, and my twelve year-old just *sighs* when I say "Do you mind if we just stop at the Salvation Army for five minutes so I can see what's come in?" I'm about to send off my box, and I can't *wait* to see what comes back!!

Andrea in Vermont

rachel said...

Spiffing blog indeed. I don't know how to do feed reading, so I get all the benefit of spiffing up.

That ornament thing though..... shudder.....

r0ssie said...

Does that owl have a name? Is it "Biff"? : )

Love the spiffing! I'm a Google Reader, but I use the "next" button so I can see the pretty designs!