Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Weekend

A few weekends ago I made these doughnuts, Giada-style, from refrigerated pizza dough. They were cute, and we each ate about two before we were overcome with the unadulterated sugar and fried-ness of it all and had to stop. So, not healthy or long-lasting, but certainly photogenic!
A few of you asked about the solids I use in my quilts, and I have to tell you that usually it is a mix, but that I don't -gasp- use Kona cottons, really, ever. I know it's sacrilege, but I never find the colors I want at the stores, and the hand of the fabric always seems a little rough to me. However, I do always use 100% cottons. Some of my favorites are the Wendover solids they sell at Hancock's, because they look and feel beautiful and come in a great range of naturalish colors. My favorite solids, though, are RJR's Cotton Supreme Solids, which you can find here.
Tomorrow the Husband and I are headed to Iowa City, for our late anniversary 3 day weekend and a ManMan show. Anyone have any recommendations for good places to stay/eat/shop in that general vicinity?

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Marisa said...

Kona cottons are awesome handy for the backgrounds of applique blocks since they are thick as heck, but that is about all they are good I do agree it's best to avoid them for the most part. Your usage of solids is awesome though. Love your color sense.