Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter and Some Rambling.

So, very little has gotten done around here lately, and I blame it mostly on Harry Potter. Not that the actual READING took so much time- I bought the book Saturday morning and finished around 3:30 am Sunday morning- it's the Post-Potter depression that has made me mopey and distracted. I really did enjoy the last book, with a few exceptions, and rushed right through it faster than I probably should have, but I was so nervous I would accidentally find out how it ended before I read it myself.
Because of the whole crazy Potter-centric weekend, I thought a lot about myself and how I think about reading, and I have come to the conclusion that I am, in fact, a very selfish reader. I really am not drawn to the social aspect of Potter-mania at all, I just want my book and then to be alone for 8 hours. And I get very attached to "my" reading of books, to the movie in my head, to the associations I make with books. For instance, I used to only read books 3 at a time, skipping between them frequently, so that my brain would associate them and they would get a little bit mixed, therefor making my impression of reading of them unique. Does that make any sense to anyone else? This is also why I hate hate hate most movie adaptations of books, because not only are they seldom accurate,(Do NOT get me started on the adaptation of Bridge to Teribithia, I usually spit, and make at least one rude gesture), but they force me to watch the book with someone else involved, to know that there is an audience besides myself. I like the intimacy I have with a printed page, even if I know in the back of my head that there are a million copies of the page.
All right, that's enough of that. I promise, next time there WILL be crafts!


Chara Michele said...

I was actually going to wait and try to get the newest Harry Potter book from the library. I was terrified too though that somehow I would overhear or read about the ending and it would be ruined. So I went out at 8am on Saturday morning and bought my copy:) I forced myself not to read it in one sitting, so I finished it Monday morning:)

Rachel said...

I completely agree with your approach to reading!! I. too, tend to read several books at once and then confuse them in my brain later in life. And I love that you get the Post Potter depression...I always feel funky after I finish one of the books. Sad that it ended. I am sure this time will be worse. And hey, how do you feel about LENDING your books? Hint hint!